About Us

Who we are:

Scrumptious Eats is a brand that plays in the health and wellness space making fresh juices and soups.

We have 4 brands

First love

Our fresh fruit juices that have no preservatives, no artificial colors, no gluten, no dairy and are cholesterol free. Our clients like to order these for wedding, events, corporate meetings, chamas meetings etc


Our detox program juices. These juices are cold pressed healthy, healing, and nutritious. These juices are ideal for people wanting to enroll into our detox program or those looking to increase healthy nutritious beverages in their diets

Keyo soups

Our healthy, heartwarming, super delicious soups have no preservatives, no dairy, no gluten and are sugar free. Great for delicious low calorie meals and a wonderful way to get children to eat more vegetables in their diet.

Cook book

Kenya’s first juice and smoothee cookbook . The focus of this book is using local ingredients to make delicious juices and smoothie Kenya is blessed with alot of variety and bounty of fresh flavorful produce.

For all our products, we source ingredients from local farmers, create our own recipes, process, and package ourselves.

Smoothie bar

Looking for unique events, freshly made juice as you watch the fruit become juice right before your very eyes for you and your guests..Honestly you cant beat this!! We would love to dazzle and “healthily” surprise your guests with our unique, fresh, all natural, delicious fruit juices!! YUMMM!

Our clients:

Our clients like to order our products at home either for themselves or for families, they  include everyday mums and dads, grandparents, hardworking professionals, people determined and inspired to change their lifestyles and even high profile individuals, local celebrities, and many clients that work in mulitnationational and local companies, several schools etc.